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About Link Analyzer Tool

Link Analyzer Tool is a comprehensive solution for analyzing website links. From total link counts to distinguishing internal and external links, including assessing nofollow links, it provides detailed insights crucial for optimizing SEO performance. is Pakistan's premier digital tool provider, offering cutting-edge solutions for website optimization, including the top-tier Link Analyzer Tool.

Key Features:

  1. Total Links Analysis: Get an accurate count of all links present on the analyzed webpage.
  2. Internal Links Assessment: Examine links directing users within the same website for improved site navigation.
  3. External Links Evaluation: Understand links leading to external websites for effective outbound linking strategies.
  4. NoFollow Links Detection: Identify links marked with the "nofollow" attribute, influencing search engine crawling behavior.
  5. Internal Link Structure Insights: Gain a holistic view of internal link distribution and organization within the analyzed website.
  6. External Link Destination Overview: Understand the destinations of external links, enhancing user experience and trustworthiness.

How to Use the Link Analyzer:

  • Visit the Link Analyzer tool page on
  • Input the URL of the website you wish to analyze.
  • Initiate analysis by clicking the "Analyze Links" button.
  • Review the comprehensive report provided, encompassing total, internal, and external links, as well as insights on nofollow links and link structure.

Link Analyzer FAQs:

Q: What distinguishes's Link Analyzer Tool?

A: Our Link Analyzer Tool offers a comprehensive analysis covering total, internal, and external links, including detection of nofollow links and insights into link structure, ensuring thorough website optimization.

Q: How frequently should I analyze my website's links?

A: Regular link analysis is recommended to maintain optimal SEO performance. Depending on website activity, monthly or quarterly assessments are advisable.

Q: Can I analyze any website's links using this tool?

A: Yes,'s Link Analyzer Tool can analyze the links of any website, providing valuable insights for SEO optimization.

Q: How can link analysis benefit my website's SEO?

A: Link analysis helps identify areas for improvement, such as optimizing internal linking for better navigation and ensuring quality external links for enhanced credibility, ultimately boosting SEO performance.