.Com.Pk Domain Price in Pakistan
Published: 08 Mar, 2024


In today's digital world, having a strong online presence is super important for everyone, whether you're a business or an individual. And one of the first steps to get online is by getting a domain name. If you're in Pakistan, getting a .com.pk domain is a popular choice. This article will give you all the details you need about .com.pk domain price in Pakistan.

Importance of a .com.pk Domain

Getting a .com.pk domain for your website is not just about having a cool web address. It shows that you're connected to Pakistan, which can help build trust with your audience.

Benefits of Choosing a .com.pk Domain

There are some good reasons to choose a .com.pk domain:

  • It shows you're focused on the Pakistani market.
  • People tend to trust websites with country-specific domain names more.
  • It might help your website show up better in local search results.

Factors Influencing .com.pk Domain Pricing

The price of a .com.pk domain can depend on a few things:

  • Registrar Fees: Different companies might charge different amounts to register your domain.
  • Renewal Charges: You'll have to pay to keep your domain every year.
  • Premium Domains: Some domains might cost more because they're really popular or special.

.Com.Pk Domain Price in Pakistan is PKR 3399.00 annually. Renewal charges fluctuate between PKR 1,000 to PKR 5,000 per year, contingent upon the registrar. Additionally, users should note that extra costs may apply for additional services such as privacy protection.

Tips for Finding the Best .com.pk Domain Price in Pakistan

Here are some tips to help you find a good deal:

  • Do your research and compare prices from different registrars.
  • Look out for special offers or discounts.
  • Sometimes you can save money by bundling services together.

Where to Search for .com.pk Domains

If you're ready to find your perfect .com.pk domain, there are several reputable domain registrars where you can search for availability. Some popular options in Pakistan include Hosterpk, GoDaddy, and Hostinger. Simply visit their websites and use their domain search tools to see if your desired .com.pk domain is available. Remember to compare prices and features before making your decision!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: Can I move my .com.pk domain to another company?
    • Yes, you can, but there might be some rules and fees.
  • Q: Who can get a .com.pk domain?
    • It's mainly for businesses in Pakistan, but individuals can get them too if they meet certain requirements.
  • Q: How long does it take to get a .com.pk domain?
    • Usually a few days, but it depends on the registrar and some other factors.
  • Q: Can I get a .com.pk domain for my personal stuff?
    • Yes, you can, even though it's mostly for businesses.
  • Q: Are there extra fees for getting a .com.pk domain?
    • Sometimes, like taxes or other charges, depending on the registrar.
  • Q: Can I get a .com.pk domain for many years at once?
    • Yep, lots of companies offer that option.


Getting the right .com.pk domain at a good price is really important for getting noticed online in Pakistan. Remember to shop around, look for discounts, and pick a registrar that treats you right.